Black Pill Red Pill 2019 Compilation

Black Pill Red Pill 2019 Compilation

Black Pill Red Pill 2019 CompilationA compilation by Zoog Von Rock (Angelspit)

The free download ‘Black Pill Red Pill 2019 Compilation’ contains 10 awesome bands: Angelspit, Miss Ballistic, DK Zero, The Gothsicles, Hardcore Pong, Helalyn Flowers, Lorelei Dreaming, May May Graves, The Mercy Cage, Planetdamage.

Black Pill Red Pill is a record label created by Zoog Von Rock and DestroyX of the band Angelspit. Here you get free samples of current artists of the label catalogue. Personally, I think this compilation is fantastic and recommend it to anyone who likes it a bit harsher and more extreme.

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  1. Angelspit – Ugly Deeds
  2. Miss Ballistic – Less Wardrobe More Malfunction (Single Edit)
  3. Planetdamage – Hi Rez Lo Life
  4. May May Graves – My Villain
  5. 5. Hardcore Pong – Space Force Golf Course
  6. Lorelei Dreaming – Parachute of Gold – Surrender Mix
  7. DK-Zero – Blood & Violence
  8. Helalyn Flowers – Kamikaze Angel
  9. The Gothsicles – IDDQD
  10. The Mercy Cage – Weak (Demotivate) [feat. Reapers]

Download ‘Black Pill Red Pill 2019 Compilation’ here

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