Black Pill Red Pill 2019 Compilation

Black Pill Red Pill 2019 CompilationA compilation by Zoog Von Rock (Angelspit)

The free down­load 'Black Pill Red Pill 2019 Compilation' con­tains 10 awe­some bands: Angelspit, Miss Ballistic, DK Zero, The Gothsicles, Hardcore Pong, Helalyn Flowers, Lorelei Dreaming, May May Graves, The Mercy Cage, Planetdamage.

Black Pill Red Pill is a record label cre­ated by Zoog Von Rock and DestroyX of the band Angelspit. Here you get free samples of cur­rent artists of the label cata­logue. Personally, I think this com­pil­a­tion is fant­ast­ic and recom­mend it to any­one who likes it a bit harsh­er and more extreme.

Support this small inde­pend­ent label in which you leave a small dona­tion. You're awesome!


  1. Angelspit – Ugly Deeds
  2. Miss Ballistic – Less Wardrobe More Malfunction (Single Edit)
  3. Planetdamage – Hi Rez Lo Life
  4. May May Graves – My Villain
  5. 5. Hardcore Pong – Space Force Golf Course
  6. Lorelei Dreaming – Parachute of Gold – Surrender Mix
  7. DK-Zero – Blood & Violence
  8. Helalyn Flowers – Kamikaze Angel
  9. The Gothsicles – IDDQD
  10. The Mercy Cage – Weak (Demotivate) [feat. Reapers]

Download 'Black Pill Red Pill 2019 Compilation' here

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