Various Artists – Enjoy The Covers: A Tribute To Depeche Mode

enjoy the covers

A Tribute To Depeche Mode brought to you by Synth Records, Trick Or Treat Radio, and Enjoy The Covers is an unabashed love offer­ing laid at the altar of the Greatest Electronic Band of all time and presen­ted to them by the bands they influ­enced! Formed in 1980, the songs of Gahan, Gore, Fletcher, and com­pany have been influ­en­cing synth slingers and elec­tro­philes from day one.

Please enjoy this col­lect­ive of artists as they apply their own styles to tracks that run the gamut of this legendary act’s cata­log, from obscure B‑sides like “Corrupt” to hits like “Never Let Me Down Again” and every dark corner in between.

Source Synthrecords

Here is the dir­ect down­load link of the trib­ute album

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