Loveblind – Sleeping Visions

The past cannot be obscured

Loveblind - Sleeping Visions

Album facts

Release Date: March 27th 2020
Label: Saint Marie Records
Genre: , ,
Discogs: Link
Partially sounds like: Ladytron, Light Asylum, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure

With the debut album 'Sleeping Visions' sing­er Dorian Electrique and her new band 'Loveblind' tread new, but also old and famil­i­ar paths. The music­al path has already been paved in their earli­er band pro­jects like 'Seasurfer' or 'Dear Strange'.

On 'Sleeping Visions' 10 songs await us, whose 3 single releases so far prom­ise us a fant­ast­ic record. From cool elec­tron­ic Dark Wave tracks to gui­tar based Alternative, almost Goth Rock, some sur­prises awaited us on the album.

Strongest song first is the maxim

The first single and the open­er 'War Planets' is a real blast and catchy tune. Soundwise 'Loveblind' ties in almost seam­lessly with 'Lonely Heroes'. Maybe the new band doesn't like the com­par­is­on, but I was imme­di­ately reminded of 'Dear Strange'. This may also be due to the fact that the fant­ast­ic vocals of Dorian E. sound unique and with a high recog­ni­tion value. This means that all those who liked the album of 'Dear Strange' will get an easy start here.

My world. stop breath­ing. my sun. so gone. well drowned.
Lyrics from 'War Planets' by Loveblind

The title-giv­ing second song 'Sleeping Visions' per­forms beau­ti­fully with dif­fer­ent vocals that give you goose bumps. Calmly and slowly the ton­al mood moves between sad­ness, fear and hope. Angelic strings under­lay the almost bal­lad-like com­pos­i­tion with a fine car­pet of sound.

We skip 'Daydream' and come to anoth­er single release called 'Goodbyes Without Goodbye'. The track really picks up the speed of the album. The sound is rather elec­tron­ic, but due to the gui­tars it feels very ana­log and warm. The gui­tars remind me strongly of some old 'The Cure' clas­sics. So an excel­lent music­al combination.

Loveblind (Press photo 2020)
Loveblind (Press photo 2020)

I guess it's Alternative Dark Wave!?

The title 'Ice Song' imme­di­ately makes you feel uneasy and you feel the unpleas­ant vast­ness of the void. With a singing that sounds like an accus­a­tion you feel guilty your­self. This is under­lined by a rel­at­ively calm but also subtly demand­ing beat. A gor­geous song that def­in­itely gets under your skin.

To 'White Piano Black Dress' I actu­ally didn't want to write any­thing at first, because the song is not elec­tron­ic enough for me. However, I would like to take the chance to men­tion that the song won­der­fully cap­tures the spir­it of the mid to late 90s altern­at­ive scene and trans­por­ted it fant­ast­ic­ally in 2020.

There are a lot of songs that I like from the 'Smashing Pumpkins'. But the song 'Saturnine' is not one of them. The ori­gin­al is too mono­ton­ous for me and just sounds bored. The rein­ter­pret­a­tion of 'Loveblind' is def­in­itely enhanced and sounds more var­ied to me. Of course the song is not a party hit and in my opin­ion not suit­able for radio. Nevertheless, 'Loveblind' have cre­ated a worthy cov­er ver­sion here, which fits per­fectly into the concept of the album like an own song.

Good, but not what I expected

After my first single releases I was on fire at first. Unfortunately my hopes for the album 'Sleeping Visions' were not com­pletely ful­filled. There are too many gen­er­ic altern­at­ive tracks without clearly aud­ible elec­tron­ics on it. The album also gets weak­er and weak­er towards the end, which shows me that the band knows their strong songs very well.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a bad album. If you are into gui­tar based Dark Wave and love bands like 'The Cure' and 'Smashing Pumpkins', you might find a gem here. If you're more into elec­tron­ic music, you'll surely be a bit disappointed.

Track By Track Rating

Loveblind - Sleeping Visions
Loveblind – Sleeping Visions
War Planets
Sleeping Visions
Goodbyes Without Goodbye
Ice Song
White Piano Black Dress
Saturnine (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
A Strange Place
We Land
War Planets
Sleeping Visions
Goodbyes Without Goodbye
(Nothing to report here)

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