M.I.N.E – One (EP)


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Release: February 17th, 2017
Label: Self released
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'M.I.N.E' as 'Camouflage' gap filler?

The extraordin­ary and influ­en­tial voice of 'Camouflage' sing­er Marcus Meyn is of course also in the new pro­ject 'M.I.N.E' acous­tic­ally respons­ible. Musically, the pro­ject moves on the famil­i­ar paths of the clas­sic Synth Pop. In prin­ciple it sounds 100% like 'Camouflage'.

But this is by no means neg­at­ive. Between the album 'Relocated' and the latest work 'Greyscale' lay a whop­ping 9 years. This is already a con­sid­er­able thirst for a fan. For this reas­on, we wel­come Marcus Meyn pick­ing up the two oth­er live band mates and mak­ing such a great EP.

An impressive EP

First of all, we were hon­estly impressed by the EP 'One'. It has def­in­itely no weak spots! All tracks are almost per­fect Synth Pop hits. The open­er and first single 'Things We've Done' is abso­lutely the most catch­i­est song of the EP, but fans of 'Camouflage' will surely love all tracks.

Also noticed very pos­it­ive is the wide spec­trum and the vari­ations of the songs. Here we can't really tell which song is bet­ter or weak­er. They are all on the same level of qual­ity and cre­ativ­ity.

M.I.N.E is the perfect pain killer

'M.I.N.E' the fam­ous miss­ing link between the long­ing years, you're wait­ing for a new 'Camouflage' album. It's a per­fect solu­tion to bridge the almost ever­last­ing time between the reg­u­lar 'Camouflage' albums. This EP has made us hungry for the upcom­ing ‘M.I.N.E’ long-play­er!  We're are con­vinced and every­body who loves the music of 'Camouflage' should listen to this EP immediately.

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M.I.N.E – One (EP)
Things We've Done
Lean On
White Trash
Things We've Done
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