M.I.N.E – One (EP)


EP facts

Release: February 17th, 2017
Label: Self released
Discogs: Link

‘M.I.N.E’ as ‘Camouflage’ gap filler?

The extraordinary and influential voice of ‘Camouflage‘ singer Marcus Meyn is of course also in the new project ‘M.I.N.E‘ acoustically responsible. Musically, the project moves on the familiar paths of the classic Synth Pop. In principle it sounds 100% like ‘Camouflage‘.

But this is by no means negative. Between the album ‘Relocated’ and the latest work ‘Greyscale’ lay a whopping 9 years. This is already a considerable thirst for a fan. For this reason, we welcome Marcus Meyn picking up the two other live band mates and making such a great EP.

An impressive EP

First of all, we were honestly impressed by the EP ‘One’. It has definitely no weak spots! All tracks are almost perfect Synth Pop hits. The opener and first single ‘Things We’ve Done‘ is absolutely the most catchiest song of the EP, but fans of ‘Camouflage’ will surely love all tracks.

Also noticed very positive is the wide spectrum and the variations of the songs. Here we can’t really tell which song is better or weaker. They are all on the same level of quality and creativity.

M.I.N.E is the perfect pain killer

‘M.I.N.E’ the famous missing link between the longing years, you’re waiting for a new ‘Camouflage’ album. It’s a perfect solution to bridge the almost everlasting time between the regular ‘Camouflage’ albums. This EP has made us hungry for the upcoming ‘M.I.N.E’ long-player!  We’re are convinced and everybody who loves the music of ‘Camouflage’ should listen to this EP immediately.

Track By Track Rating

M.I.N.E - One (EP)
Things We've Done
Lean On
White Trash
Things We've Done
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Things We've Done
Lean On
White Trash
Final Score

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