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Eisfabrik - Kryothermalmusik aus der EisfabrikAlbum facts

Release Date: January 24th 2020
Label: RepoRecords
Genre: , ,
Discogs: Link
Partially sounds like: Aesthetic Perfection, Faderhead

With their EP 'Rotationsausfall in der Eisfabrik', released in November 2019, Eisfabrik already gave us a sneak peek of what fans had to expect. Now, Dr. Schnee, Der Frost and Celsius let us in on their latest cryo­therm­ic exper­i­ment and ring in the year 2020 with their new album 'Kryothermalmusik in der Eisfabrik'.

After 'Null Kelvin', this new release clearly shows that Eisfabrik have evolved over the last few years. The 12 songs on this new record offer a well-bal­anced diversity of slower and up-tempo EBM, future and synth pop tracks with a few inter­est­ing twists and turns. Still, you imme­di­ately recog­nize the typ­ic­al and sin­gu­lar Eisfabrik style with the unique voice of Dr. Schnee.

From the ice cave…

The first song 'Deeper and Deeper' is like a pro­logue to the icy trip that is to come. The slow pound­ing rhythm and enchant­ing synth piano and vocal ele­ments form a beau­ti­ful con­trast to the rough whis­per­ing vocals by Dr. Schnee and invite us deep­er into the ice factory.

Following this slow intro­duc­tion, 'No Matter' takes us back to that typ­ic­al Eisfabrik EBM sound atmo­sphere. The mid-tempo bass beats build up to a nice and catchy future pop chor­us, accom­pan­ied by mel­an­chol­ic lyrics.

Life is mer­ci­less and mean
Lyrics from 'No Matter' by Eisfabrik

Just when you find your­self com­fort­able in that Eisfabrik cube, sud­denly you are sur­prised by an acous­tic gui­tar intro­du­cing the next song. ‚We Don’t Care‘ is a lovely synth pop EBM bal­lad that keeps the band’s unique style without being monotonous.

…into the cryochamber

Eisfabrik don’t want us to get too com­fort­able, though. The first up-tempo song of the album imme­di­ately makes you want to get up and dance along to the club beats as the ‚Grim Reaper‘ invites you to the dance­floor.

The ice is melt­ing but my heart is freezing
Lyrics from 'Grim Reaper' by Eisfabrik

When I heard the howls intro­du­cing the next track I couldn’t help but think of 'Big Bad Wolf' by Aesthetic Perfection. ‚Lonely Like A Wolf‘ takes up the same pace as the pre­vi­ous song and car­ries us off into what feels like an EBM fairytale of a lone white wolf.

The open­ing of 'Too Late' reminded me a wee bit of 'Acid Witch' by Faderhead at first but the chor­us has more synth pop ele­ments and invites you to listen closely to the mel­an­chol­ic and fatal­ist­ic lyr­ics.

The life you’re look­ing for can’t be found
Lyrics from 'Too Late' by Eisfabrik

Just like the lyr­ics sug­gest, 'Greetings From Far Away' invites us on a jour­ney and makes us dream of frozen wide land­scapes. Starting off with muffled basses and syn­thes­izer ele­ments, it builds up to a clas­sic future pop track with min­im­al­ist­ic and yet catchy beats.

This jour­ney con­tin­ues in 'Journey of Oblivion', only now the harsh­er and rough­er beats seem to break with the dreamy future pop atmo­sphere the last song left us in.

„The dance of ice and fire“

Eisfabrik (Promo picture 2020)
Eisfabrik (Promo pic­ture 2020)

'And Nothing Turns' should not be new to all those who already listened to the EP 'Rotationsausfall in der Eisfabrik'. This beau­ti­ful synth pop bal­lad brings our heart­beats down to a slower pace again with its sym­phon­ic ele­ments and leaves us con­tem­plat­ing the lyr­ics. It is also the only song on the album where at least a few of the lyr­ics are sung in German, which gives the song an inter­est­ing turn.

After leav­ing us dream­ing, 'Back Home' takes up a faster pace again and feels like an answer to ‚Greetings From Far Away‘, both in melody and lyr­ics. Even though this is a good and sol­id future pop song, it is one of the least inter­est­ing songs on this album, which I wouldn’t have missed had it been left out.

In 'Opposites Collide' the beat takes up in speed again and makes our frozen hearts pound­ing faster.  Even though this track might not be as rich in diversity as a few oth­er tracks on the album, the min­im­al­ist­ic club ele­ments form an addict­ive and catchy melody that won’t leave your head.

The undeni­able chem­istry of the calm before the storm
Lyrics from 'Opposites Collide' by Eisfabrik

Only that here, the chem­istry seems to work the oth­er way around: A spe­cial album ver­sion of 'White Sheet' forms a slow and melod­ic epi­logue to this cryo­therm­ic jour­ney through the ice fact­ory. Although I must admit that I prefer the song’s ori­gin­al ver­sion on the EP, this love song is a per­fect ending.

Ice melting

'Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik' got me addicted right away. The vari­ations in slower and harsh­er EBM rhythms and synth and future pop melod­ies make this album a lot more inter­est­ing than the pre­vi­ous ones and show that Eisfabrik are able to com­bine their very own style with new ele­ments. Listen in and let your frozen hearts be melted!

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Track By Track Rating

Eisfabrik - Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik
Eisfabrik – Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik
Deeper And Deeper
No Matter
We Don't Care
Grim Reaper
Lonely Like A Wolf
Too Late
Greetings From Far Away
Journey Of Oblivion
And Nothing Turns (Extended)
Back Home
Opposites Collide
White Sheet (Kryothermalversion)
We Don't Care
Grim Reaper
Journey Of Oblivion
And Nothing Turns
Opposites Collide
(Nothing to report here)
For frozen hearts

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