Too Dead To Die – Tropical Gothic

Something between Tropical EBM and Gothic EDM

Too Dead To Die - Tropical Gothic

Album facts

Release Date: February 28th 2020
Label: Out Of Line
Genre: , , ,
Discogs: Link
Partially sounds like: Faderhead, Yellow Lazarus, The Prodigy, Northern Lite

How does California weath­er, ice cream, palm trees and Gothic go togeth­er? This ques­tion was prob­ably also asked by 'Too Dead To Die' and his new album is accord­ingly called 'Tropical Gothic'. Almost 6 years have passed since 'Murder On The Dance Floor' and to be hon­est I didn't believe in a release any­more. Without much announce­ment or promo I was sur­prised by the unex­pec­ted release. In any case I was very happy. Now the new sound of 'Too Dead To Die' blasts around our ears like a trop­ic­al storm. Hot beats and a genre mix like a deli­cious cock­tail awaits the listen­er. We have already listened to it and tell you what the awe­some party tracks are and which songs are more likely to cause headaches.

Right in the face

The title song 'Tropical Gothic' starts with a relaxed synth car­pet and slowly breaks up with a wooden drum kit. Also the singing starts almost thera­peut­ic­ally calm in the voice but fast in the text flow. Relaxed hand­clap­ping samples lead slowly to the main part and are inter­rup­ted at the half by squeak­ing sig­nal sounds and the beat picks up the tempo clearly. The first track clearly shows the music­al genre mix the listen­er has to adjust to. Electronically excit­ing Synthiepop/EBM sounds with a touch of trop­ic­al hol­i­day feel­ing with extremely dark lyr­ics. Voilá, here it is!

My own world in shad­ow of palm trees
Lyrics from 'Tropical Gothic' by Too Dead To Die

The second song 'They All Were Wrong' starts much more stomp­ing with melody struc­tures that remind of the debut 'Murder On The Dancefloor'. A very short, fast song with dis­tor­ted voices and growl­ing chor­us. Extremely uncom­prom­ising and full on the face that says: 'Too Dead To Die' is back!

I thought the mix of lounge music and Synthiepop on Northern Lite's 'Back To The Roots' album was fant­ast­ic. 'Too Dead To Die' cre­ates a sim­il­arly enjoy­able mix, but on the album it is much more var­ied and excit­ing. The third song 'Wanderlust' proves this. For good reas­on this track was also chosen as a singing release. Loose and fluffy beats invite you to dance, but there is still a touch of mel­an­choly and dark­ness around this track.

Sunbathing in sadness

With the first tunes of 'The Best Sunsets I've Ever Seen' you can guess or expect a sad story in the lyr­ics. In the end the inter­pret­a­tion remains open, but the song leaves me with a bit­ter­sweet taste of sadness.

'Ultraviolet' begins as uncom­fort­able as 'The Best Sunsets I've Ever Seen'. These melod­ies make me shiver and yet I find them beau­ti­ful or maybe just because of that. Tonally the num­ber is already much calmer and also slower. The chor­us has almost some­thing of 80s New Romantic and would also fit per­fectly into a catchy Synth Pop song.

They say our time has ran out, noth­ing left to feel good about
Lyrics from 'Ultraviolet' by Too Dead To Die

Sonically remin­is­cent of 'Faderhead', the song 'Vice City' thun­ders from the loud­speak­ers. Extremely juicy beats and expli­cit phrases are blast­ing around the head. The track is really rough and stuffed with thou­sands of lay­ers of synths and samples. Very com­plex, but some­how it fits togeth­er well.

Another super weird dance gren­ade is the song 'You Cannot Destroy Me More'. The lyr­ic­al con­tent can be inter­preted rather iron­ic­ally with lines like: "drink so much you could die". But a party atmo­sphere is def­in­itely com­ing up with this track. From the unique­ness of the used synths and the insane com­pos­i­tion of the sound, it could be under­stood as a trib­ute to 'The Prodigy'. Well done!

Till the end a mind-blowing trip

Another single release is the track 'Deviled Grilled'. The song cap­tiv­ated me, to be hon­est, not from the begin­ning. The song struc­ture is not catchy enough for that, I would say almost unwieldy. If you get involved with new sounds and the knot is sud­denly burst, the song whirls around like a trop­ic­al storm and tears off all the roofs.

The song 'XXV' is almost full of romance and turns the wheel com­pletely around and you only think: "Wow, I really didn't expect that!". This is one of my abso­lute favour­ite songs on the album. First of all because 'Too Dead To Die' proves its wide range of sounds, but also because the song with the mel­an­chol­ic­ally tuned strings just gets under your skin. There is so much feel­ing and com­plex­ity in this song. On one side it sounds like a tra­gic romance, on the oth­er side it sounds like a super cheesy love declar­a­tion. A fant­ast­ic song!

Never regret about faith in the eyes, where I forever found my last paradise
Lyrics from 'XXV' by Too Dead To Die

Also the last track 'Season Of Rains' is a sen­ti­ment­al song with pro­found lyr­ics and a very slow beat. Somehow strange to me, that apart from the lyr­ics, the music sounds like an dooms­day scen­ario. It exudes such a sad hope­less­ness that makes you feel sad. But when a song cre­ates such strong emo­tions, then the artist has done everything per­fectly right and I can con­firm that with this song.

A tropical storm or a mild breeze?

I have to admit that you have to be very open-minded to love this album. It's not the usu­al, catchy EBM/Synthiepop/Industrial type of music, but it has this spe­cial touch to be very unique in the black music scene.

Personally, I love the album and can only warmly recom­mend it to every­one. If you buy the Bandcamp ver­sion you will get 2 bonus tracks ('Down The Palm Road To Hell' and 'Hoodoo') on top.

By the way, this album also made it into our art­icle 'The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2020'. Read now.

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Too Dead To Die - Tropical Gothic
Too Dead To Die – Tropical Gothic
Tropical Gothic
They All Were Wrong
The Best Sunsets I've Ever Seen
Porcelain Mary
Vice City
You Cannot Destroy Me More
Deviled Grilled
Season of Rains
Tropical Gothic
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