Too Dead To Die – Season Of Rains

Official music video 'Season Of Rains' per­formed by 'Too Dead To Die' taken from the album 'Tropical Gothic'.


Keeping every moment on my mind
As our trop­ic gothic's in the air
It will save me at my hard­est time
When all we found is going nowhere

I love you so much
And it makes the end
The more you're mine
The harder to extend
In sin together
In hap­pi­ness apart
It's time to stop
I'm com­ing back to start

'cause all we had was fever
Close to insane
A trop­ic­al fever
And if it's rain
I want make
Everything cleaner
Cleaner cleaner

We used to get this blind­ness in the sun
It's how we pay for days in paradise
You see me no more as the only one
With all these burns that cov­er your eyes

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