Beyond Obsession – Revolution From Below

Synthpop Revolution

Beyond Obsession – Revolution From Below

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Release Date: January 31th 2020
Label: Infacted Recordings
Genre: , ,
Discogs: Link
Partially sounds like: De/Vision, Camouflage, Pet Shop Boys

4 years after the self-release Moments Of Truth, Beyond Obsession are back with their new album 'Revolution From Below'. The white boots appear­ing on the album cov­er seem to remind us that Beyond Obsession are still the same and yet dif­fer­ent: On nine tracks, the three guys from Germany sur­prise us with a wide vari­ation of exper­i­ment­al syn­thpop and clas­sic 80’s ele­ments, mak­ing every single song an intriguing piece of work. The lead singer’s voice seems to know no bound­ar­ies in heights and puts you into a beau­ti­ful mel­an­chol­ic mood.

Where’s the revolution?!

The per­cus­sions in the begin­ning form a per­fect intro­duc­tion to the next 47 minutes to come. 'Speaking of a dev­il' quickly takes on a faster pace and I couldn’t help but rock along to the synth beats and the melodi­ous back­ground singing accom­pa­ny­ing the chorus.

As the first song slowly fades out, 'Monolog Love' kind of wakes you up with a heav­ier synth beat. The verses being a bit more min­im­al­ist­ic and subtle do not take away the fact that this is a catchy song as well. The title of the song per­fectly describes the mel­an­choly of hid­ing in your own fantasy and being alone with your thoughts. The per­cus­sions in the bridge come as a sur­prise and give this song an inter­est­ing 80's touch.

Happiness will kill my soul
Lyrics from 'Revolution From Below' by Beyond Obsession

In con­trast to the club mix released in 2019, the album ver­sion of 'Revolution from below' seems to invite us to join in a silent and quiet revolu­tion. Still, the heavy and slow beat as well as the beau­ti­ful piano chords in the bridge give this song a sol­emn and ser­i­ous char­ac­ter. The echo­ing vocals vir­tu­ously under­line the lyr­ics remind­ing us that “every­one” is play­ing a part in this revolu­tion from below, one way or the other.

Love is just an illusion

'Break Away' starts off with a slow bass beat which unfolds into a beau­ti­ful syn­thpop bal­lad. Even though the song’s rhythm stays the same through­out the song, it is all the more inter­est­ing to fig­ure out all the synth key­board and vocal vari­ations in the back­ground accom­pa­ny­ing the mel­an­chol­ic lyrics.

My mind twis­ted, this love existed
Lyrics from 'Break Away' by Beyond Obsession

Suddenly, we’re torn out of this mel­low and dreamy atmo­sphere by the first sounds of 'Pareidolia'. This song takes lit­er­ally takes us down the rab­bit hole into a bizarre synth hor­ror show claim­ing that “we’re all mad here”.

You give me your chem­ic­al, we feel like an animal
Lyrics from 'Pareidolia' by Beyond Obsession

When listen­ing to these lines, the back­ground sounds actu­ally reminded of the Pet Shop Boys, which gives the song yet anoth­er exper­i­ment­al twist.

'Cry' is also a synth pop bal­lad without any sound exper­i­ments, which is not a prob­lem though. The lead singer’s sooth­ing voice and the straight­for­ward mid-tempo beats slow you down and calm you after the last song’s complexity.

Entering the playground

'Terrible Invention' again seems to tear us out of this mel­an­chol­ic mood, start­ing off with dark­er key­board ele­ments which then unfold into a down­tempo track. Even though the lyr­ics are not as var­ied as in the oth­er songs and the beats felt a bit min­im­al­ist­ic com­pared to oth­er songs on the album, I felt myself shov­ing along to the synth piano sounds.

Just when we have arrived again in a nice and com­fort­able syn­thpop bubble, the next sur­prise awaits us! With its play­ful synth ele­ments and pro­voc­at­ive lyr­ics, 'Need Puppets' takes us out of our com­fort zone and toys with our ima­gin­a­tion. I am pretty sure the audi­ence on their con­certs can’t help but move along to this stim­u­lat­ing piece of work.

Meat pup­pets, need puppets
Lyrics from 'Need Puppets' by Beyond Obsession

Starting off with chor­al-like vocals, 'Begging for mercy' is, sadly, the last track of the album. The key­board sounds in the begin­ning throw us straight back into the 80’s and with its romantic lyr­ics this song is yet anoth­er beau­ti­ful synth pop love song.

Follow the white boots!

As soon as I put my head­phones on to listen to the album, it was like enter­ing a sound cloud. I am usu­ally more into harder and faster beats but the guys from Beyond Obsession really flashed me. Although it would have been inter­est­ing to have a few more up-tempo tracks like on 'Moments of Truth', the album is per­fect as it is with all its melod­ies and synth vari­ations. So, give it a listen and “don’t shut the door” to Beyond Obsession!

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Beyond Obsession – Revolution From Below
Beyond Obsession – Revolution From Below
Speaking Of The Devil
Monolog Love
Revolution From Below
Break Away
Terrible Invention
Need Puppets
Begging For Mercy
Speaking Of The Devil
Break Away
Need Puppets
(Nothing to report here)
Synthpop Gem

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