Beborn Beton – Darkness Falls Again

A promise kept

Beborn Beton - Darkness Falls Again

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Release Date: March 17th, 2023
Label: Dependent Records
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Partially sounds like: Depeche Mode, Mesh
Final score: 4.1 stars
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Today, we'll be diving into the latest release from the renowned synth pop act, Beborn Beton. After much anti­cip­a­tion, the band has finally delivered on their prom­ise to keep the wait between albums short­er, with their latest offer­ing, 'Darkness Falls Again', com­ing only 8 years (instead of 16 years) after their pre­vi­ous album 'A Worthy Compensation'. That's the half of the time between the prepre­vi­ous album. From a math­em­at­ic­al point of view, fans can expect the next album in 2027 (wink smi­ley). But for now, let's focus on the present and explore the latest son­ic offer­ings from Beborn Beton.

The tonality gets darker

My Monstrosity: Beborn Beton kicks off their latest album 'Darkness Falls Again' with the emo­tion­ally charged 'My Monstrosity'. This bold move to start with a depress­ing bal­lad may come as a sur­prise to some, but for long­time fans of the band, it's a wel­come choice. From the first note, it's clear that the band has taken a dark­er turn with this album, and 'My Monstrosity' sets the tone per­fectly. The brood­ing, almost haunt­ing melody is held togeth­er by the mourn­ful vocals of lead sing­er Stefan Netschio. The song builds slowly, cre­at­ing a sense of unease that grows with each passing moment.

As the track pro­gresses, the strings come in to add an extra lay­er of mel­an­choly, but even they can't lift the song out of its dark depths. It's an uncom­fort­able listen­ing exper­i­ence, but one that shows the band's will­ing­ness to take risks and explore new emo­tion­al territories.

Beborn Beton (Press photo 2023)
Beborn Beton (Press photo 2023 by Chris Ruiz)

Dancer In The Dark: The second track 'Dancer In The Dark' is a standout track on their album, 'Darkness Falls Again', and it's no sur­prise that the band chose it as their lead single. The song is a midtempo gem that's per­fect for the dance floor, with an infec­tious beat and a catchy chor­us that remis­cents me back to the band's clas­sic 'Nightfall' album from 1996. BTW: 'Nightfall' is one of my favour­ite albums by Beborn Beton and an abso­lute recommendation.

The vocal melody of the chor­us is par­tic­u­larly note­worthy and it's clear that the band has put a lot of thought and care into the struc­ture of the song. It's a clas­sic 'Beborn Beton' chor­us that fans will instantly recog­nize and love. But 'Dancer In The Dark' is more than just a catchy dance track. The lyr­ics are intro­spect­ive and speak to the theme of dark­ness that runs through­out the album. It's a per­fect example of the band's abil­ity to craft pop songs with sub­stance and depth.

And you feel like a dan­cer in the dark
When you see that the world is turning
We will all be like dan­cers when
Darkness falls again
Lyrics from 'Dancer In The Dark' by Beborn Beton

Last Chance: If you're a fan of elec­tro rock and synth pop, then 'Last Chance' is a track that will def­in­itely catch your interest. The song kicks off with a raw and edgy intro that sets the mood for the rest of the track. The tempo is dialed back, giv­ing the song a more intro­spect­ive and mel­an­chol­ic feel. What really sets 'Last Chance' apart are the gritty synth sounds that are sprinkled through­out the song, espe­cially in the drops. These sounds give the song an added level of intens­ity and depth that will grab the listener's attention.

There are mountains, so are valleys

Trockenfallen lassen: As a listen­er who speaks nat­ive German, I find it hard to appre­ci­ate German songs, includ­ing 'Trockenfallen lassen'. The song feels like a sequel to 'Eisplant' from the 1997 album 'Truth'. While it's a decent bal­lad, it lacks the unique qual­it­ies that make it stand out from oth­er tracks on the album. Overall, it's an aver­age song that may appeal more to Non-German-speak­ing listeners.

Beborn Beton (Press photo 2023)
Beborn Beton (Press photo 2023 by Chris Ruiz)

I Watch My Life on TV: The second single 'I Watch My Life on TV' is a bit more unwieldy than 'Dancer In The Dark'. As I listened to the song, I found myself strug­gling to fully embrace the song at first. However, with repeated listens, I found myself get­ting more into it. The synths on this track are fant­ast­ic and the band really shows off their ver­sat­il­ity in terms of sound. While I am really enjoy­ing the song now, I do ques­tion wheth­er it will stand up over time as a mem­or­able piece on the album. Overall, 'I Watch My Life on TV' is a sol­id effort from the band with some great music­al ele­ments, but it may take some time for it to fully res­on­ate with listeners.

Electricity: Beborn Beton's 'Electricity' is a synth-pop gem that stands on its own des­pite shar­ing a name with the OMD clas­sic. This track is a per­fect example of the band's knack for craft­ing catchy melod­ies and dance­able beats. The song opens with an irres­ist­ible synth riff that imme­di­ately draws the listen­er in. From there, the driv­ing rhythm sec­tion and pulsing bass cre­ate an undeni­able groove that will have you mov­ing in no time. The chor­us is a par­tic­u­lar high­light, with its sing-along lyr­ics and infec­tious melody.

This is forever
This night is forever
I believe
We love for the obvi­ous reasons
Love me now
Lyrics from 'Electricity' by Beborn Beton

Despite its midtempo nature, 'Electricity' also fea­tures intro­spect­ive lyr­ics that add a lay­er of emo­tion­al depth to the song. This bal­ance of fun and thought­ful­ness is a hall­mark of Beborn Beton's song­writ­ing, and it's on full dis­play here. 'Electricity' is a standout track on the album 'Darkness Falls Again'. It's a per­fect example of what makes Beborn Beton such an excit­ing and enga­ging band, with their unique blend of synth-pop hooks and intro­spect­ive lyrics.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Burning Gasoline: Let's talk about 'Burning Gasoline'. The track begins with an intriguing speech sample that says: "God is dead, we take its place". I can't con­firm if this is a nod to Friedrich Nietzsche, but if you have any insights, feel free to let me know in the com­ments.

Returning to the song, its high energy and power­ful deliv­ery is unmis­tak­able. Trained listen­ers will appre­ci­ate the subtle pres­ence of 80s-style synth sounds in the back­ground. In fact, this song remin­is­cent back to the era of the 'Tybalt' album with its raw and metal­lic sound, and the use of voice samples from icon­ic films. The band suc­cess­fully executes a bril­liant trib­ute to the past.

I Hope You're Not Easily Scared: Beborn Beton's final track, "I Hope You're Not Easily Scared," hits hard with an indus­tri­al edge in the intro and first verse. The tone drastic­ally shifts in the chor­us, offer­ing a sense of lib­er­a­tion and weight­less­ness. This song's live per­form­ance is guar­an­teed to leave the audi­ence breath­less with its explos­ive drops. It's a per­fect end­ing for 'Darkness Falls Again,' show­cas­ing the band's range and abil­ity to surprise.


With only 8 tracks, some might ques­tion wheth­er 'Darkness Falls Again' is a com­plete album. However, the absence of any gap fillers is a plus point. The songs are con­sist­ently good, and fans will be happy to know that the deluxe edi­tion offers two more tracks – 'Religion' and 'The Day Before Everything Breaks Apart' – as well as 6 remix ver­sions. Of par­tic­u­lar interest to me is the Piston Damp remix of 'Dancer In The Dark'.

Overall, 'Darkness Falls Again' is a fant­ast­ic album that comes highly recom­men­ded. The band has delivered great music, and we eagerly anti­cip­ate their next live show. Thank you, Beborn Beton, for your ded­ic­a­tion to your craft and for con­tinu­ing to push the bound­ar­ies of elec­tron­ic music.

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Beborn Beton - Darkness Falls Again
Beborn Beton – Darkness Falls Again
My Monstrosity
Dancer In The Dark
Last Chance
Trockenfallen Lassen
I Watch My Life On TV
Burning Gasoline
I Hope You’re Not Easily Scared
Dancer In The Dark
Last Chance

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