Beborn Beton – A Worthy Compensation

beborn beton a worthy compensation


More than worthy

As a long time fan of ‘Beborn Beton‘ I naturally see addict waiting for the new album. And I am completely satisfied and happy with the result. Already as I listen to the first beats my heart beats faster and my blood rushes through my veins. This is what I’m waiting for so long.

A true Synth Pop masterpiece

The super catchy opener ‘Daisy Cutter’ was released as first single, and represents the album perfectly. The followed music video ‘Last Day On Earth‘ looks fantastic, and characterise the album as well.

And as I listen the snippet from ‘Logan’s Run’ (my absolute favourite 70s Sci Fi movie) as intro of the title track ‘A Worthy Compensation’, a cold shiver runs over my back.


This album is definitely a must-have album for every Synth Pop fan. I just have one big request to Beborn Beton: “Please do not wait again 16 years till the next album!

Track By Track Rating

beborn beton a worthy compensation
Beborn Beton - A Worthy Compensation
Daisy Cutter
I Believe
24/7 Mystery
Anorexic World
A Worthy Compensation
Last Day on Earth
She Cried
Was immer
Terribly Wrong
Who Watches the Watchmen
Daisy Cutter
24/7 Mystery
Last Day on Earth
Terribly Wrong
(Nothing to report here)

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