The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2015

Best albums 2015

10. Age Zero – Age Zero II – (3.88/5 stars)


The second Age Zero work is no longer quite as strong as the solo debut. Still, it’s a good album. Particularly outstanding are the songs Perfect Memory and I’m Not Afraid.

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9. Duran Duran – Paper Gods – (3.92/5 stars)


From the first listen, the album feels like an old friend. As you would already know the album forever. But please do not get me wrong. I fell in love immediately from the first track on this album. Thank you Duran Duran.

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8. Jack Strify – Illusion – (4/5 stars)


Illusion is a really strong synthpop album. Why just the weak track Burn/Fear has been selected as the first single, is simply incomprehensible to me! Anyone who has liked the hit Halo (We’re The Only One), can access without hesitation. There are plenty of songs with hit potential here. Such as: Electric (Feat Bonnie Strange.), The Matrix or Not My God (Vs. Losers).

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7. Ashbury Heights – Looking Glass Society – (4/5 stars)


This is a great Synth Pop album with catchy melodies and easy listening factor. My personal highlight songs that I recommend to listen to are Glow, Piano and Starlight. Ashbury Heights did a great job with this album. Also the new female singer Tea F. Thime fits perfectly in the new duo.

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6. Camouflage – Greyscale – (4.08/5 stars)


This album is a brilliant piece of pure, modern synthpop music. I’m a fan of this band since 1986, so it’s really hard for me to make a neutral review. It’s almost a perfect album, but I’m not a fan of instrumental music. So in this case there are three tracks with “only” 3 Star rating. Without the instrumental tracks it would be a 4.4 overall rating.

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5. IAMX – Metanoia – (4.09/5 stars)


If you like bizarre sounds and extraordinary compositions, then you are guaranteed happy with this album. All songs move in melancholy mid-tempo and sound extremely bleak. I bow to this bold and impressive album. I love it.

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4. Solar Fake – Another Maniac Episode – (4.1/5 stars)


Solar Fake produces a master piece of dark disco music. Another Maniac Episode sounds 100% like the typical Solar Fake sound which I personally really like. My highlights are the first single All The Things You Say and the track Observer. Within the Deluxe Box you can find some remixes from well-known artists of the scene and a great cover version of The Killers song Somebody Told Me.

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3. Erasure – Always, The Very Best Of – (4.2/5 stars)


After 30 years of a glory carrer Erasure releases Always- The Very Best Of Erasure. And this are true spoken words! This album is full with hits and memories. All song lyrics are written well, and themes belong from romantic to melancholic all wrapped in nice Synthpop tunes. Personally I want to say: “Thank you for 30 years of perfect Synthpop music. Hopefully you’ll be successful for another 30 years.”.

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2. Formalin – Supercluster – (4.24/5 stars)


Supercluster is a great concept album with an obviously space theme. This young band from Berlin uses exciting samples that makes their music sound really unique. My personal highlights are Neomania and Alive.

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1. Beborn Beton – A Worthy Compensation – (4.3/5 stars)best album 2015 beborn beton

As a long time fan of Beborn Beton I naturally see addict waiting for the new album. And I am completely satisfied and happy with the result. I just have one big request to Beborn Beton: “Please do not wait again 16 years till the next album.”.

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