Vogon Poetry – The Guide

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Vogon Poetry - The Guide

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Release Date: March 3rd, 2023
Label: Self released
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Partially sounds like: S. P. O. C. K., Bodies without Organs
Final score: 3.2 stars
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It's been three years since Vogon Poetry's last full length album 'Deep Thought' came out. Since then, five singles (Atomic Skies, The Forbidden Land, Milliways, Gargle Blaster and Time) have been released to whet our appet­ite for yet more music­al adven­tures in time and space. Even though Milliways is the only one which is not included on the new album, the singles have giv­en us a good indic­a­tion of the dir­ec­tion in which this par­tic­u­lar son­ic adven­ture is headed.

'The Guide' brings you Vogon Poetry's fifth album and as expec­ted the swedes beam some ser­i­ous Sci Fi – inspired fun out of the speak­ers. They may not re-invent the Warp Drive, but if like me, you are a bit of a Sci Fi geek and a fan of slightly old-fash­ioned (in a good way!) synth pop, then chances are that you will enjoy this offering.

Things to look for­ward to on this release include the bands first col­lab­or­a­tion with anoth­er band, Social Ambitions, a duet, songs in Swedish, catchy melod­ies, throw­backs to the 80s and over­all nerdi­ness. Is it an album about life, the uni­verse and everything like the band claims? Best listen and make up your own mind.

Sci Fi Pop, Epic Soundscapes and Some Fun

We start of with a mys­ter­i­ous track called 'Rociante', which is best described as an instru­ment­al with a ton of movie samples. It has a slightly omin­ous feel to it and keeps the listen­er guess­ing at what is to come.

'Atomic Skies' for me is the first high­light of the album. It's a dance­able, fun, uplift­ing song, with a driv­ing beat. I image it would go down very well live. Its lyr­ics describe a post apo­ca­lyptic land­scape of a dev­ast­ated Earth and the title more than hints at the cause of that destruction.

You don't want a sun­tan, honey
Underneath atom­ic skies.
Lyrics from 'Atomic Skies' by Vogon Poetry

'Time' is an upbeat song, which brings with it a slight 90s vibe with its dance pop sound and house piano. It sounds like some­thing BWO (Bodies without Organs) could have recor­ded, only less over the top. Still it is rooted in the clas­sic elec­tron­ic pop sound, which fans will no doubt appreciate.

'Dom De Ar' is sung in Swedish, so nat­ur­ally I have no idea what it's about. Sadly, this song is not my cup of tea. It meanders on, rather unevent­fully. It might make it onto a Slow Dance Playlist for a school party, though.

Remembering the 80s: Space Lizards

Vogon Poetry (Band photo 2023)
Vogon Poetry (Band photo 2023)

We move to mid-tempo with 'Visitors', which offers more sci-fi ref­er­ences in the Form of samples from the 1980's TV show The Visitors and a sol­id tune.

'Gargle Blaster' is a cel­eb­ra­tion of an inter­galactic drink men­tioned in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's a party song, slightly men­tal and catchy. Best appre­ci­ated with a drink or two of your choice. Cheers! Or as the band them­selves put it: "The best drink in exist­ence is the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, the effect of which is like hav­ing your brains smashed out with a slice of lem­on wrapped around a large gold brick."

'The Forbidden Land' starts with dis­tor­ted synth sounds, soon joined by a piano melody, John's unmis­tak­able vocals and an insist­ent beat. Quite dark and mel­on only, it's a good tune, but I feel it would bene­fit from a little more vari­ation. The chor­us could be more dra­mat­ic. The way it is, the song is nice but not instantly memorable.

'Jag ViII' is dom­in­ated by a synth piano melody and the excel­lent vocals. It's a bal­lad for space traveller's – at least in my mind. Maybe the cool beep­ing and chirp­ing sounds that pop up every now and then are to blame for that impres­sion. It is a fairly mel­low affair but it's a nice breath­er before the grand finale.

'Colours', the last song of the album is my second high­light. Vogon Poetry's first ever duet is a sweet love song, which starts slow and builds towards a rather grand fin­ish. Marita Darelius addi­tion­al vocals add a nice extra fla­vour and blend in well with John's vocals.

Your smile, you paint my morning.
You ignite me without warning.
Lyrics from 'Colours' by Vogon Poetry

If you still can­not get enough, the Bandcamp digit­al down­load ver­sion of the album includes two bonus tracks, both remixes. They are: Atomic Skies (Piston Damp Remix), and Time (Mystic Experience Remix).


After listen­ing to 'The Guide' a hand­ful of times over the last couple of days, my con­clu­sion is that it is a nice enough album, one which is fun to listen to. It does not con­tain any big sur­prises sound-wise, but it gives the listen­er decent tunes, some cool sounds, unavoid­able Sci Fi samples and a feel good vibe. If you need some­thing to cheer you up and like your tunes a touch old-fash­ioned, then give 'The Guide' a go.

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Vogon Poetry - The Guide
Vogon Poetry – The Guide
Atomic Skies
Som Det Ar
Gargle Blaster
The Forbidden Land
Atomic Skies
Som Det Ar

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