Shonalika – In This Moment (Mind Out)

Shonalika - In This Moment (Mind Out)Shonalika's new track 'In This Moment (Mind Out)' from the UK is an impress­ive mas­ter­piece in the synth pop and future pop genre. With a gloomy yet ener­get­ic mood, this song draws the listen­er in. It's almost as if "Apoptygma Berzerk" and "Ladytron" have merged into a unique soundscape.

The fas­cin­at­ing com­bin­a­tion of dark ele­ments and catchy melod­ies makes this track some­thing spe­cial. Already after the first sounds it becomes clear that 'In This Moment (Mind Out)' prom­ises a unique jour­ney into the world of elec­tron­ic music. The dark syn­thes­izers and the power­ful beats cre­ate an atmo­sphere that cap­tiv­ates you and doesn't let go.

The dance­ab­il­ity of the song is remark­able. The pulsat­ing rhythms lit­er­ally invite you to dance, while the mel­an­chol­ic lyr­ics add a romantic touch. This track is per­fect to shine on the dance floor or to trans­port your­self to anoth­er world in your mind.

'In This Moment (Mind Out)' is a high­light from Shonalika's EP "XXX". While the oth­er songs on the EP have a strong hip-hop influ­ence that may not be everyone's cup of tea, this track stands out as the uni­corn. It clev­erly com­bines dif­fer­ent ele­ments of elec­tron­ic music to cre­ate a cap­tiv­at­ing listen­ing experience.

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Lyrics of 'Shonalika – In This Moment (Mind Out)'

I believe in con­veni­ent miracles
Any reas­on not to be cynical
I hear her reser­va­tions, she can keep them
Maybe I'm a doormat but I do love to be walked on

Right now
I don't wanna fight now
It's time to turn the light down
Body over, mind out
Mind out

Baby it’s ok
I’ve got you so close, you’re safe with me
In this moment
Say you feel the same
You know that you mean so much to me,
For today

You are pathet­ic, but you could still get it
I guess that this is love, sell my soul for a second
Fuck! I'm a trait­or, clear off, investigator
I know this could go further
Let you get away with murder


Right now
Won't put up a fight now
It’s time to turn the light down
Body over, mind out
Mind out

So, you've got a prob­lem with commitment?
That's ok, it's not your fault you're inconsistent
Trust me, I'm already dam­aged close to batshit
White lies, crossed lines, go on, take advantage

But I didn't think I'd see you lick­ing anybody's shoes
Now I'm start­ing to feel hurt, a little dirty, little used
In a way far less affirm­ing, dis­con­cert­ing, I'm confused
What are you doing? Don't you ruin my delu­sion of your views

I don't mind if you hurt me, draw the line at my friends,
Really don't mind if you hurt me
Please hurt me

Right now
Don’t put up a fight now
It’s time to turn the light down
Body over, mind out, mind out
Mind out

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