Inlegion - Left
The song 'Left' by the Swedish band 'Inlegion' is a real synth-technical grenade. The song is taken from the EP 'Exit Body - Exit Mind'.
e:lect - Spies
The Swedish band 'e:lect' comes with there song synth pop song 'Spies' around the corner like there were always there.
Melt Motif - Full Moon
Wow, the song 'Full Moon' combines weird sounds with an angelic voice. This is a great song by the Norwegian band 'Melt Motif'.
Temperature Falls - Survivor
The synth pop song 'Survivor' by the Norwegian duo 'Temperature Falls' begins with beautifully weird sounds like a typical Depeche Mode opener.
Kaarst - Prayers
Quiet but very haunting is what you could call the song 'The Circle' by the Australian artist 'Kaarst'. The song is from the album 'Prayers'.