Omnimar – FVCK AI

"FVCK AI" by Omnimar – A dystopian echo of digitalisation

Omnimar - FVCK AIIn the latest single "FVCK AI", the Russian band Omnimar takes us into a world where synth pop/dark pop meets dysto­pi­an sounds. The song radi­ates a cool, indus­tri­al energy char­ac­ter­ised by pre­cise, metal­lic syn­thes­izers and a crisp pro­duc­tion. Maria Mar's vocals, which weave a seduct­ively unset­tling note into the arrange­ment, com­ple­ment the mech­an­ic­al harsh­ness with a touch of human warmth and irony.

The lyr­ic­al con­tent of "FVCK AI" takes a crit­ic­al look at the dehu­man­ised rela­tion­ship between man and machine. Omnimar them­at­ises the care­less depend­ence on arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, which sim­pli­fies and changes our per­cep­tion and actions. "You say it's easy, one click to go", sings Maria Mar, ques­tion­ing the lim­its of the tech­no­logy that increas­ingly sur­rounds us.

With "FVCK AI", Omnimar suc­ceeds in both enter­tain­ing the audi­ence and mak­ing them think. Fans of Nyxx, Night Club and Ashbury Heights will undoubtedly be drawn to the cold aes­thet­ic and pro­voc­at­ive sub­ject mat­ter of "FVCK AI". A strong con­tri­bu­tion to the elec­tron­ic music scene that chal­lenges both the ears and the mind.

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Lyrics of "Omnimar – FVCK AI"

You say it’s cool
Makes things perfect
Makes sound smooth
And pic­ture clean

Your favour­ite tool
Yes you deserve it
Tell what you want
Get a task complete

You say it’s easy
one click to go
Sometimes you wish I
Could be as cool

No para­noia
no you and I
I will be watching
You fuck ai

It’s smart and real
Knows how to serve you
Your dear chat­bot
can learn and think

Its almost free
Yes you deserve it
Get troubles fixed
Just count to 3

You say it’s easy
one click to go
Sometimes you wish I
Could be as cool

It’s mul­ti­task­ing
It is divine
I will be watching
You fuck ai

Generates life
Neural god’s light
Triggers your smile
Fake is alive
Generates life till you all die
Trigger my smile
Make fake alive

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