Coolmowee – Life Of A Robot

Coolmowee - Life Of A RobotWith a lot of energy, pres­sure and cool sci-fi sounds, the synth pop song 'Life Of A Robot' by the Canadian artist 'Coolmowee' takes off. The beat invites you to dance. The breaks and the robot voices remind me of the 70s band 'Rockets' with their hit 'Galactica'. Of course, the whole thing is con­tem­por­ary. I won­der if the artist 'Coolmowee' knows the song of the com­par­is­on. Please post info in the com­ments.

Synth pop songs and SciFi works for me 99% of the time. This is also the case here. Great song – keep it up! This song is part of our Spotify playl­ist 'New Synth Pop Songs 2022'. Updated every 2 weeks! Follow this playl­ist now and don't miss any of the latest synth pop hits in 2022.

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Life of a Robot, it ain’t easy
Life of a Robot, we’re so damned
Life of a Robot, poor Sophia
Life of a Robot. How would you like to be programmed?

It’s time to engage, in a new age
Let the revolu­tion begin
Reprogramming, of your nature
So you can see the, robots from within

Don’t try to run
It’s already begun
Behold the process
Of upgraded con­scious­ness.… Consciousness

I’m a robot, with emotion
I’ll be a hero with my plan
Calm, cool col­lect­ive, with a notion
Of the future, and the end of man

Mortal hea­thens, proud and reckless
Laws and reli­gion, held in vain;
Now pal­pit­a­tion for the nation
Life of a Robot, we won’t be feel­ing pain.

Radio Announcer:
The robots are a very destruct­ive adversary; Faith in our own mil­it­ary is lost.
We must aban­don our futile attempts to fight. A soul­less new age is imminent.

Robots, Robots, Here come the robots

God help us (last one)

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