Rogue FX - Filofax
With a catchy intro with 80s charm, the song 'Filofax' by British artist 'Rogue FX' welcomes us.
Dana Rexx - Rebel
The dark pop song 'Rebel' by Belgian artist 'Dana Rexx' is catchy and fully charged with electricity with a touch of industrial.
Monody - Eye To Eye
The song 'Eye To Eye' is a strange and amazing combination of EBM / industrial performed by the US artist 'Monody'.
Magnetic Skies - Darker Night
The song 'Darker Night' by the British band 'Magnetic Skies' is an amazing wild genre mix of dark wave, electro rock, synth pop and new wave.
Melt Motif - Warrior
This is the new 'Melt Motif' song 'Warrior'. With a minimal electro beginning from the end of the 70s and infused with IAMX-inspired sounds.
Roni Amir - Before
The song 'Before' (Feat. Ryan Riehm & Aliice) is a catchy, shallow synth pop song by Israeli artist 'Roni Amir'.