Electric Sol - Even Ghosts
Electric Sol's 'Even Ghosts' has got me feeling all moody and melancholic. This blend of electro pop and synthwave is a real emotional rollercoaster.
KÅRP - K Lay On Your Hands
Experience the mesmerizing fusion of synth pop and dark pop with KÅRP's 'K Lay On Your Hands.' A journey into Scandinavian electronic mystique.
Hatif - Repetition
The dark tinted song 'Repetition' is another supreme dark wave / synth pop song by the Swedish band 'Hatif'.
Dark - Desire
The official music video of 'Desire' by 'Dark' is not allowed for embedding on other sites due to the age restriction. We link to the video here.
Bunny X - Young & In Love
Listen to the great synthwave track 'Head Rush' performed by the US band 'Bunny X' taken from the 2021 album 'Young & In Love'.