Pineapple The Project – Monster

Pineapple The Project - MonsterThe song 'Monster' is a dark synth pop track with crisp beats and fant­ast­ic­ally selec­ted synth sounds by the Swedish band 'Pineapple The Project'. The soft vocals are the strong coun­ter­part to the oth­er­wise cold sound and bring bal­ance and warmth into the almost 5 minutes. The song is taken from the EP 'Green'. This is already the fourth 4‑track EP in 2022, so I don't really under­stand the concept. An album with this amount of pro­duc­tion would have been pos­sible in 2022.

The only thing I would like to cri­ti­cise is the intro with the few seconds of ana­logue vinyl crackle samples. Why? The sound is oth­er­wise com­pletely syn­thet­ic, clean and clear. In my opin­ion, it can be done without.

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