The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2011

Best albums 2011

10. Duran Duran – All You Need Is Now – (3.36/5 stars)

duran duran all you need is now

When I say that All You Need Is Now isn't what I expec­ted as a good Duran Duran album, then I com­plain at a high level. I gave the half of the album a 4‑star rat­ing. It's good, it's sounds like Duran Duran, but some­how I miss some out­stand­ing tracks that really kicks. For me it's far behind the pre­de­cessor Red Carpet Massacre. As a die-hard fan you will sure to love it.

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9. IAMX – Volatile Times – (3.55/5 stars)

iamx volatile times

Although the album has received just a scor­ing in the upper middle class area, here are 2 pre­cious pearls to be found. The tracks Volatile Times and Ghosts Of Utopia are simply out­stand­ing. In addi­tion, three more 4‑star rat­ings are on the record. You should give it a try if you like extraordin­ary elec­tron­ic music.

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8. VNV Nation – Automatic – (3,6/5 stars)

vnv nation automatic

The album Automatic is a bril­liant club banger. Already at first listen to the songs Space & Time and Control have blown away my mind. The only reas­on for not 4‑star rat­ing is because I do not like instument­al songs. Of them are 3 tracks included on this album. Otherwise, the album is def­in­itely a recommendation.

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7. Covenant – Modern Ruin – (3.67/5 stars)

covenant modern ruin

A mod­ern ruin this album is cer­tainly not. However, I had placed great­er expect­a­tions on the album when I out­coup­ling Lightbringer Feat. Necro Facility had heard. The album is still in the upper mediocrity. Other recom­men­ded songs are Judge of My Domain and Get On.

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6. Aesthetic Perfection – All Beauty Destroyed – (3.67/5 stars)

aesthetic perfection all beauty destroyed

Aesthetic Perfection is "in your face" pure dance­able music. It's a mix between EBM and Synthpop, sream and melod­ic vocals which makes this album really dynam­ic­ally. Everytime when I hear the song Inhuman I can't sit or stand still. Brilliant work Mr. Daniel Graves.

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5. Dreams Divide – Puppet Love – (3.78/5 stars)

dreams divide puppet love

This is indeed a really strong debut album. Dreams Divide sounds like an upcom­ing clas­sic Synthpop band. It sounds fresh and famil­i­ar at once. Great work guys, I hope this won't be an unique work, because I want to hear more from you in the future.

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4. Henric De La Cour – s/t – (3.82/5 stars)

henric de la cour

Henric De La Cour deliv­ers the darkest and most ser­i­ous album of the year. The lyr­ics are writ­ten with tears and pain. Especially the songs Dracula and My Machine did it to me. But Son Of A Bitch is a great track. The whole album is aver­age rather in the lower tempo area. So it's ideal for rainy days or for thought­ful minutes of life.

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3. Solar Fake – Frontiers – (3.82/5 stars)

solar fake frontiers

The debut album of the Berlin-based band Solar Fake I have some­how missed. I became aware only with the music video More Than This. The album Frontiers moves already in the upper middle class of the Future Pop. In addi­tion to the first single are par­tic­u­larly out­stand­ing tracks No Apologies and the cov­er song Such A Shame.

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2. Erasure – Tomorrow's World – (4/5 stars)

erasure tomorrows world

Tomorrow's World is a mod­ern and bril­liant Synth Pop album. It's sounds fresh, but keeps the spir­it of the clas­sic­al Erasure sound. Fill Us With Fire is a superb dance floor hit, and also the mid-tempo song When I Start To (Break It All Down) stands out on this album.

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1. Imperative Reaction – Imperative Reaction – (4.09/5 stars)

Best album 2011

This is truly one of the finest Electrorock albums I've ever heard. It's hard, melod­ic, dance­able and uncom­prom­ising. If the songs Surface and Side Effect don't con­vince you, then the genre isn't guar­an­teed your thing.

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