Best Albums 2011

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best album 2011   imperative reaction

1. Imperative Reaction – Imperative Reaction – (4.09/5 stars)


This is truly one of the finest Electrorock albums I’ve ever heard. It’s hard, melodic, danceable and uncompromising. If the songs Surface and Side Effect don’t convince you, then the genre isn’t guaranteed your thing.

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erasure   tomorrows world

2. Erasure – Tomorrow’s World – (4/5 stars)

Tomorrow’s World is a modern and brilliant Synth Pop album. It’s sounds fresh, but keeps the spirit of the classical Erasure sound. Fill Us With Fire is a superb dance floor hit, and also the mid-tempo song When I Start To (Break It All Down) stands out on this album.

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solar fake   frontiers

3. Solar Fake – Frontiers – (3.82/5 stars)

The debut album of the Berlin-based band Solar Fake I have somehow missed. I became aware only with the music video More Than This. The album Frontiers moves already in the upper middle class of the Future Pop. In addition to the first single are particularly outstanding tracks No Apologies and the cover song Such A Shame.

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henric de la cour

4. Henric De La Cour – s/t – (3.82/5 stars)

Henric De La Cour delivers the darkest and most serious album of the year. The lyrics are written with tears and pain. Especially the songs Dracula and My Machine did it to me. But Son Of A Bitch is a great track. The whole album is average rather in the lower tempo area. So it’s ideal for rainy days or for thoughtful minutes of life.

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dreams divide   puppet love

5. Dreams Divide – Puppet Love – (3.78/5 stars)

This is indeed a really strong debut album. Dreams Divide sounds like an upcoming classic Synthpop band. It sounds fresh and familiar at once. Great work guys, I hope this won’t be an unique work, because I want to hear more from you in the future.

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aesthetic perfection   all beauty destroyed

6. Aesthetic Perfection – All Beauty Destroyed – (3.67/5 stars)

Aesthetic Perfection is “in your face” pure danceable music. It’s a mix between EBM and Synthpop, sream and melodic vocals which makes this album really dynamically. Everytime when I hear the song Inhuman I can’t sit or stand still. Brilliant work Mr. Daniel Graves.

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covenant   modern ruin

7. Covenant – Modern Ruin – (3.67/5 stars)

A modern ruin this album is certainly not. However, I had placed greater expectations on the album when I outcoupling Lightbringer Feat. Necro Facility had heard. The album is still in the upper mediocrity. Other recommended songs are Judge of My Domain and Get On.

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vnv nation   automatic

8. VNV Nation – Automatic – (3,6/5 stars)

The album Automatic is a brilliant club banger. Already at first listen to the songs Space & Time and Control have blown away my mind. The only reason for not 4-star rating is because I do not like instumental songs. Of them are 3 tracks included on this album. Otherwise, the album is definitely a recommendation.

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iamx   volatile times

9. IAMX – Volatile Times – (3.55/5 stars)

Although the album has received just a scoring in the upper middle class area, here are 2 precious pearls to be found. The tracks Volatile Times and Ghosts Of Utopia are simply outstanding. In addition, three more 4-star ratings are on the record. You should give it a try if you like extraordinary electronic music.

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duran duran   all you need is now

10. Duran Duran – All You Need Is Now – (3.36/5 stars)

When I say that All You Need Is Now isn’t what I expected as a good Duran Duran album, then I complain at a high level. I gave the half of the album a 4-star rating. It’s good, it’s sounds like Duran Duran, but somehow I miss some outstanding tracks that really kicks. For me it’s far behind the predecessor Red Carpet Massacre. As a die-hard fan you will sure to love it.

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