Omnimar – Boom Boom

Official music video 'Boom Boom' by 'Omnimar' taken from the album 'Poison'. Cameras – Yaroslav Razin, Max Troid, Post pro­duc­tion – Maria Mar.

Emotional as we know them, the rus­si­an musi­cians are provid­ing us with goose­bumps: More spher­ic­al and dark­er than ever before, OMNIMAR suc­cess­fully handle the bal­an­cing act of music­al pro­gress and pre­ser­va­tion of their unique and typ­ic­al sound, that in the past already enchanted their fans. But also tracks like “Boom Boom”, that has the poten­tial for the next dance­floor-hit, ensure a nice and well-roun­ded con­trast towards the dark and emo­tion­al tracks, that dir­ectly find their way towards the listen­ers heart.

So who­ever doesn’t want to miss the next chapter in the suc­cess-story of OMNIMAR, should def­in­itely be ready for the new album “Poison”!

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