Psy'Aviah – The Great Disconnect (Feat. Marieke Lightband)

Music video for 'The Great Disconnect (Feat. Marieke Lightband)', shot in 'Doel' (Belgium) per­formed by 'Psy'Aviah'. The song is taken from the Looking For The Sun ep (and is fea­tured on the album "Lightflare" as well).


Plans, plans, I’ve got no plans.
All I feel is an emptiness.
In dreams I remem­ber them.
All I see is a dark, dark land.
Friends, friends, face­book friends.
Company but alone before our screens.
Screens, glossy screens, without vis­ion a new religion.

I’m no longer the same, some­thing has changed.

Moon, stars, plan­et, sky, all I feel is an emptiness.
Smokescreens, dark­ness again.
All I see is a dark, dark land.
Time, time for a long, long time – until I for­get, until I die.
Waiting for the longest time without sal­va­tion i’m lost in time.
I call it the great dis­con­nect, lar­ger than life.

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