Psy’Aviah – The Great Disconnect (Feat. Marieke Lightband)

Music video for ‘The Great Disconnect (Feat. Marieke Lightband)’, shot in ‘Doel’ (Belgium) performed by ‘Psy’Aviah’. The song is taken from the Looking For The Sun ep (and is featured on the album “Lightflare” as well).


Plans, plans, I’ve got no plans.
All I feel is an emptiness.
In dreams I remember them.
All I see is a dark, dark land.
Friends, friends, facebook friends.
Company but alone before our screens.
Screens, glossy screens, without vision a new religion.

I’m no longer the same, something has changed.

Moon, stars, planet, sky, all I feel is an emptiness.
Smokescreens, darkness again.
All I see is a dark, dark land.
Time, time for a long, long time – until I forget, until I die.
Waiting for the longest time without salvation i’m lost in time.
I call it the great disconnect, larger than life.