The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2012

Best albums 2012

10. Motor – Man Made Machine – (3.45/5 stars)

motor man made machine album

I must hon­estly say that the album of Motor without the rep­res­en­ted guest sing­er had not inter­ested me. And the tracks with Martin L. Gore, Gary Numan and Douglas Mccarthy accord­ingly also my high­lights. The sounds, samples and com­pos­i­tions have def­in­itely poten­tial, but without under­laid lyr­ics the songs for me are soulless.

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9. Santa Hates You – It's Alive! – (3.5/5 stars)

santa hates you its alive

Santa Hates You is some­thing for the dance­floor. Although the disc has a strong impact EBM, how­ever, it is very pop merged by sound. For me the concept works. Unfortunately miss­ing more blast hits like Scum on the album, oth­er­wise it would cer­tainly be a much high­er rat­ing have been possible.

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8. Faderhead – The World Of Faderhead – (3,58/5 stars)

faderhead the world of faderhead

With Faderhead one hand there is some­thing music­ally in the face and on the oth­er hand flat­ter quiet and slow tracks your mind. Which side do I find bet­ter now, I do not really know at Faderhead. The hard tracks are as usu­al great. The soul­ful songs have a lot of poten­tial. Overall, I like the album very.

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7. Essence Of Mind – Indifference – (3.64/5 stars)

essence of mind indifference

If you like synth pop and gui­tar, then you can not ignore the genre elec­tro rock. And then the ears with Essence Of Mind should be noisy. Because the album Indifference is a first class elec­tro rock album. Certainly there are some aver­age songs on this album, but over­all this is a great album that rocks!

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6. Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood Of Color – (3.7/5 stars)

enter shikari a flash flood of colour

A Flash Flood Of Color is an album that you jump­ing into your face like a tor­nado filled with mum­mi­fied bears with shark heads. And so crazy as it sounds, just as is Enter Shikari's music style. Metal, Punk, Dubstep, Electrorock, Synthpop, everything finds use in Enter Shikari.

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5. Formalin – Wasteland Manifesto – (3.71/5 stars)

formalin wasteland manifesto

This is a cold and hard elec­tro album with sounds and lyr­ics of an apo­ca­lyptic, dark future. Wasteland Manifesto is a great album where 4 tracks do have a 5 star rat­ing. But the intro The Infernal Machine and the inter­ludes Fruits Of Evil and Burst Into Fire drags the end res­ult for me a bit down.

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4. Assemblage 23 – Bruise – (3.8/5 stars)

assemblage 23 bruise

Purest Futurepop on a very high level present us Assemblage 23. The album is con­sist­ently a blast. The track The Noise Inside My Head is and will cer­tainly be a dance­floor clas­sic. The album also reminds me a little of the good songs of VNV Nation, only here they are con­tinu­ously on the album.

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3. Clan Of Xymox – Kindred Spirits – (3.82/5 stars)

clan of xymox kindred spirits

A whole album full of great cov­er songs in Dark Wave garb presents Clan Of Xymox. Generally, all the songs are very well inter­preted on the album, but of course I have my favor­ites. These are eas­ily recog­nized by the 4 and 5 star rat­ing. If you like cov­er songs from clas­sics, then you should def­in­itely once a listen here.

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2. De/Vision – Rockets + Swords (Limited Edition) – (3.83/5 stars)

devision rockets and swords

De/Vision latest out­put is Rockets + Swords. A new De/Vision album you can always buy blindly, because you know exactly what you get. Beautiful, melod­ic syn­thpop of the best kind. And Rockets + Swords ful­filled this goal.

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1. Endless Shame – Elevator – (4/5 stars)

Best album 2012

The Futurepop impact in the cur­rent Endless Shame album is unmis­tak­able. Fat beats and crisp sound, so must be the sound like! I Am Nothing, Universe and Winter Skies are the abso­lute high-fly­er on the album. Unfortunately, the qual­ity and ori­gin­al­ity sub­sides at the end of the album. But nev­er­the­less I love this work.

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