The voice is the key

I honestly must admit that the album from ‘Motor’, without the featured guest singers, didn’t interested me at all. And the tracks with ‘Martin L. Gore‘, ‘Gary Numan‘ and ‘Douglas Mccarthy‘ accordingly my highlights. The most sounds, samples and compositions have definitely potential, but couldn’t convince me completely.

The title track and single ‘Man Made Machine‘ is an awesome masterpiece. Yes, I’m a ‘Depeche Mode’ fan, but even with Martin Gore’s voice, this track doesn’t sound like a ‘Depeche Mode’ song. This track is dark, had some classic samples, but sounds ultimately fresh.

Futhermore also the songs ‘Pleasure in Heaven (Feat Gary Numan)’ and ‘The Knife (Feat Douglas Mccarthy)’ I strongly recommend to listen. These three songs are for me reason enough to recommend you this album to buy.

Track By Track Rating

Motor - Man Made Machine
Messed Up
Hyper Lust (Feat Billie Ray Martin)
Man Made Machine (Feat Martin L Gore)
Pleasure in Heaven (Feat Gary Numan)
The Knife (Feat Douglas Mccarthy)
Hello (Feat Reni Lane)
In the Dark
Between the Night
Man Made Machine (Feat Martin L Gore)

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