Motor – Man Made Machine


The voice is the key

I hon­estly must admit that the album from 'Motor', without the fea­tured guest sing­ers, didn't inter­ested me at all. And the tracks with 'Martin L. Gore', 'Gary Numan' and 'Douglas Mccarthy' accord­ingly my high­lights. The most sounds, samples and com­pos­i­tions have def­in­itely poten­tial, but couldn't con­vince me completely.

The title track and single 'Man Made Machine' is an awe­some mas­ter­piece. Yes, I'm a 'Depeche Mode' fan, but even with Martin Gore's voice, this track doesn't sound like a 'Depeche Mode' song. This track is dark, had some clas­sic samples, but sounds ulti­mately fresh.

Futhermore also the songs 'Pleasure in Heaven (Feat Gary Numan)' and 'The Knife (Feat Douglas Mccarthy)' I strongly recom­mend to listen. These three songs are for me reas­on enough to recom­mend you this album to buy.

By the way, this album also made it into our art­icle ‘The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2012‘. Read now.

Track By Track Rating

motor man made machine album
Motor – Man Made Machine
Messed Up
Hyper Lust (Feat Billie Ray Martin)
Man Made Machine (Feat Martin L Gore)
Pleasure in Heaven (Feat Gary Numan)
The Knife (Feat Douglas Mccarthy)
Hello (Feat Reni Lane)
In the Dark
Between the Night
Man Made Machine (Feat Martin L Gore)