The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2013

Best albums 2013

10. Covenant – Leaving Babylon – (3.5/5 stars)


Leaving Babylon is a double-edged sword for me. To a great plan are there dance gren­ades like The Last Dance and Prime Movers. But on the oth­er hand also annoy­ing pieces like the exper­i­ment­ally sound­ing I Walk Slow or super long and incon­sequen­tial intru­ment­al Leaving Babylon II which could drop the rat­ing a bit down. "My heart is blackend" is an apt quote from this album, but hope dies last as known.

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9. Blitzkids Mvt. – Silhouettes – (3.75/5 stars)

blitzkids silhouettes

For a debut album, the rat­ing is pretty good. The songs Blinded, Break Free and Idiot after little listen­ing fast becom­ing ear­worms. The whole album is con­sist­ently good pro­duced. I hope that the band has not raised the bar too high for their second album.

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8. Ben Ivory – Neon Cathedral – (3,85/5 stars)

ben ivory neon cathedral

For a debut album Ben Ivory has delivered a very good and sol­id syn­thpop album here. The song The Righteous Ones is espe­cially dear to me. Powerful, strong con­struc­tion and per­fect for the dance­floor. Unfortunately, a little lack of dynam­ics in many of the oth­er songs. Nevertheless, it is an excel­lent album and I'm curi­ous what we will hear from Ben Ivory in the future.

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7. Mesh – Automation Baby – (3.86/5 stars)


Mesh always moves some­where between synth pop and elec­tro rock. This bal­an­cing act makes this album excit­ing and var­ied. The text line has stayed with me most remembered is: "I'm just so ordin­ary, that makes you ordin­ary too". This album is any­thing but ordin­ary, rather a 100% buy recommendation.

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6. Solar Fake – Reasons To Kill – (3.91/5 stars)

solar fake reasons to kill

Solar Fake obvi­ously have found a for­mula to a con­sist­ently good synth to pro­duce Pop Album. Although on the Reasons To Kill it a few weak­er tracks, but in the over­all pic­ture, it is a beau­ti­ful, almost clichéd album. Soulful lyr­ics mate here with catchy melod­ies and dance­able beats.

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5. Hadouken! – Every Weekend – (3.92/5 stars)

hadouken every weekend

Hadouken's music style is hard to describe. They them­selves say that they are a Indietronic / new rave band, but also music­al ele­ments such as Hip Hop, Dubstep, Synth Pop and Electrorock can be found in their tracks. Bad Signal, Parasite and Oxygen I can only recom­mend to listen.

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4. Depeche Mode – Delta Machine (Deluxe Version) – (3.94/5 stars)

depeche mode delta machine album

As a long time Depeche Mode fan it's really hard to do a track by track review. How can I be object­ive enough? Of course I love the album because it's from Depeche Mode, but also every fan knows that there are always some "skip tracks". These tracks aren't bad, but usu­ally not the best and I gave these tracks 3 stars. All oth­er tracks are above the 3 star rat­ing! It's a great album, but DM did it bet­ter a couple of times in the past.

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3. Pet Shop Boys – Electric – (4.22/5 stars)

pet shop boys electric

Electric is a rather unusu­al Pet Shop Boys album, but far bet­ter than its pre­de­cessor Elysium. It sounds like a strange way, futur­ist­ic elec­tric, as it would be from a dif­fer­ent time. Only the tracks Vocal, Thursday and The Last To Die are typ­ic­al PSB pop anthem.

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2. Age Zero – Age Zero I – (4.25/5 stars)

age zero age zero i

The former sing­er Jan Weisbrod of the elec­tro rock band Heavy-Current with his first solo pro­ject Age Zero. It's a down-tempo elec­tro album with great samples and gloomy lyr­ics. I per­son­ally needed a couple of listen­ing, but now it's one of my favor­ite albums.

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1. Parralox – Recovery – (4.29/5 stars)

Best album 2013

Recovery is as the name sug­gests a pure cov­er album of known hits. The selec­tion of the songs I'm par­tic­u­larly pleased because about 80% of all-time favor­ites of mine are here. Parralox plays the tracks in an inter­est­ing way to breathe a new life. Lovers of cov­er songs should get this one!

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