My heart is blackend

‘Leaving Babylon’ is a double-edged sword for me. To a great plan are there dance grenades like ‘Last Dance’ and ‘Prime Movers’. But on the other hand annoying pieces like the experimentally sounding ‘I Walk Slow’ or super long and inconsequential intrumental ‘Leaving Babylon II’ which drop the rating a bit down.

“My heart is blackend” is a matching quote from this album, but hope dies last as known.

Close the gap in your collection

Covenant’ has a strong and devoted fan base, including me. Although the album in the overall rating is not quite as strong as many would have expected it, I can still recommend the album as there two really good club hits are on it.

Track By Track Rating

Covenant - Leaving Babylon
Leaving Babylon
Prime Movers
For Our Time
Thy Kingdom Come
I Walk Slow
Ignorance And Bliss
Last Dance
Auto Circulation
Not To Be Here
Leaving Babylon II
Prime Movers
Last Dance
I Walk Slow
Leaving Babylon II
Gap filler

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