Me The Tiger – Ariana EP

me the tiger   ariana ep

“Ariana” – Upcoming EP with 8 (!) remix versions

“No, I say nothing at all …”

Ariana is the second hit single taken from the selftitled debut Me The Tiger. The song is about Ariana. A young girl Tobias met in a refugee camp in Palestine a couple of years ago. It’s a song about hopelessness, desperation, deception and hate.

The EP contains the hit-single Ariana and several powerful remixes, accompanied by a fantastic and disturbing video-clip.

Me The Tiger - Ariana EP


  1. Ariana (Album Version)
  2. Ariana (Mars TV Remix)
  3. Ariana (Neutrophic Remix)
  4. Ariana (Tobias The Tiger Remix)
  5. Ariana (Second System Remix)
  6. Ariana (LEHNBERG Remix)
  7. Ariana (NORAK Remix)
  8. Ariana (Mindquake Remix)
  9. Ariana (Martin Moral Remix)

Don’t miss the album of Me The Tiger including the Hit-Single “Pocket Sized Edition Ending” and “Ariana”

me_the_tiger_-_stFinally the self-titled debut-album is now available on CD for the first time. After the successful release of Vitriolic in 2015 and a huge demand of the fans Me The Tiger and RepoRecords decided to make the debut officially available again.

Although it is the very first output of the band, you will find all the elements, which make Me The Tiger such an outstanding band. While the band is currently working on a follow up to “Vitriolic”, their fans can bridge the time gap with the original debut of “Me The Tiger”.

The story of ME THE TIGER began at the same moment as the recording of the band’s self-titled debut album. In February 2012, with a bunch of new songs on a USB stick in one hand and a bottle of red wine in the other, Tobias was knocking on the door of Gabriella and Jonas. The first song that was completed was “Pocket Sized Edition Ending”, which in many ways would personify all that ME THE TIGER would become; energetic sequencers, power chords, driving rhythms and emotional vocals.

me_the_tiger_-_band_photoThe writing process and the recordings proceeded throughout the year, and in late October the band chose the eight songs that took place on their debut album. The ninth song on this release, “Borlänge”, is in fact a tribute to the local music festival “Peace & Love” which was forced to close down in 2013.

Lyrically the album is a reaction against all gender discrimination, xenophobia, religious fanaticism and greedy capitalism. The album is also heavily influenced by a journey of Tobias, which took place six months before the album was recorded, where he became painfully aware of the result of occupation, oppression and hopelessness. On top of that the lyrics also deal with relationships, love and frustration.

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