Covstline – Distractions

Covstline - DistractionsHarder tones are the rar­ity and excep­tion with Electrozombies. The elec­tro rock song 'Distractions' by the US band 'Covstline' is such an exception.

Don't worry, there's no bru­tal e‑guitar play­ing here. The song's basis is very elec­tron­ic and reminds me of 'An Honest Mistake' by 'The Bravery'. Basically an attempt to put dark wave and post punk into an elec­tron­ic gar­ment. I have to admit that it worked very well here. Furthermore, I can ima­gine the song very well on the dance floor in the club. It has the right speed, the energy and the groove to dance to.

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Covstline about 'Distractions'

As a band we used our back­ground in both EDM and rock to cre­ate this ener­get­ic piece ready to hit all the goth clubs around the world. Our style com­bines dark lyr­ics about death and love and fuses them with an 80s inspired upbeat instru­ment­als. Distractions aims to bring a bal­ance between the clas­sic 80's post punk songs and mod­ern pro­duc­tion tac­tics and plu­gins. Be ready to dance the night away or take a long night drive to this future instant clas­sic "Distractions"

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