Dark – Desire

Dark - DesireThe offi­cial music video for the dark wave song 'Desire' by the German dark wave band 'Dark' is not allowed for embed­ding on oth­er sites due to the age restric­tion. I wouldn't even clas­si­fy the music video as NSFW. I would have liked to show it to you here, but well, unfor­tu­nately I can't change that. Just click on the fol­low­ing link to watch the music video dir­ectly on YouTube: Dark – Desire.

Listen to 'Dark – Desire' on Spotify

Listen to 'Dark – Desire' on Bandcamp


Defying memor­ies
Nights in fire
Reasons are forgotten
Embrace your desire

Embrace with the fire
Embrace your desire

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