District 13 – Key To My Heart

District 13 - Key To My HeartThe beau­ti­ful and catchy synth pop song 'Key To My Heart' by the German band 'District 13' is taken from the album "Pandora´s Hope".

I have to admit that the elec­tron­ic­ally dis­tor­ted robot voices in the intro made me doubt wheth­er I would like the song at all. Because that's not really my cup of tea. Luckily, this changes very quickly with the begin­ning of the first verse and we hear a fant­ast­ic, clas­sic synth pop song with clear and great vocals.

I'm curi­ous to see if 'District 13' can main­tain this high level on the upcom­ing album "Pandora's Hope" or even increase it. But the song 'Key To My Heart' is a must listen­ing for all you synth pop and elec­tro pop fans.

Listen to 'District 13 – Key To My Heart' on Bandcamp

Official lyrics music video 'District 13 – Key To My Heart'

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