ee:man – Stay n Fight

ee:man - Stay n FightWith a cool machine-like sound and min­im­al­ist pre­ci­sion, 'ee:man' release their song 'Stay n Fight'. Every beat hits the nerve like a ham­mer blow. If you like the cold and gloomy atmo­sphere of a clas­sic like 'Blasphemous Rumours', for example, you will get your rewards here. The bleak ground vibe is also delivered to per­fec­tion here.

ee:man says: "When I planned this release months ago I nev­er thought it would be as cur­rent and in the con­text as it unfor­tu­nately is now. My thoughts go to the Ukrainian people with the hope of a speedy and peace­ful end to this sense­less act of a mad man.".

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  1. I totally agree with this review :-) Amazing and rel­ev­ant track… The min­im­al synths and com­pos­i­tion takes me on a trip down memory lane to some of Depeche Modes best mel­an­chol­ic and moody tracks from my youth.
    Just checked the ee:man TAG, and the oth­er track JUMP is also real nice. 

    ee:man is cer­tainly going on my playl­ists for the future :-)

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