Fen Doi – Worlds

Captivating electro pop: Fen Doi's 'Worlds' combines passion and melancholy

Fen Doi - WorldsIn Fen Doi's "Worlds", elec­tro pop and syn­thwave merge into a har­mo­ni­ous ode that radi­ates both pas­sion and light­ness. The song is char­ac­ter­ised by a catchy but also extra­vag­ant song struc­ture and cap­tiv­ates with soft, har­mo­ni­ous vocals. But behind the light­ness lies a hint of mel­an­choly, which is reflec­ted in the lyrics.

The song begins with a soul­ful inter­play between lyr­ics and music. "Somewhere in between your hand and mine" – the first lines imme­di­ately trans­port the listen­er into an emo­tion­al land­scape. Fen Doi's voice blends per­fectly into the son­ic atmo­sphere and the song offers a dynam­ic jour­ney through highs and lows.

Lyrically, "Worlds" deals with the theme of dis­tance and the long­ing for close­ness. The hope of reunion and the long­ing for close­ness run like a red thread through the lyr­ics. "I hope that one day our worlds will reunite" – this line sum­mar­ises the sen­ti­ment­al heart of the song.

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Lyrics "Fen Doi – Worlds"

Somewhere in between your hand and mine
The life we built was washed out to the shores
We're run­ning dry
Tell me what you need, I know you can
I know there should be touch in between our hands
There's noth­ing there

You're push­ing all that you see out of sight
Until the last of your feel­ings subsides

Show your­self to me, there's some­thing there
Before we know it's dis­tance bey­ond repair
Open up to me, I'll show you how
The only chance we have is to fill the void, I know we can

You're push­ing all that you see out of sight
Until the last of your feel­ings subsides
I hope that one day you'll fig­ure out this life
I hope that some day you'll be by my side
I hope that one day our worlds will reunite

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