Kaarst – The Circle

Kaarst - PrayersQuiet but very haunt­ing is what you could call the song 'The Circle' by the Australian artist 'Kaarst'. The song is from the mini EP 'Prayers' and is a dark wave song with slight indus­tri­al influ­ences. Of course, the first thing I stumbled across was the artist's name, because that's also the name of the town where I live. Funny coin­cid­ence! But the band also con­vinced me music­ally right away.

'Kaarst' lists the fol­low­ing bands as com­par­is­ons: Cold Cave, Ulver, Boy Harsher, Buzz Kull, TR/ST, Perturbator and HEALTH. I would roughly agree with that. If you can also relate to this, then dis­cov­er the song 'The Circle' now. The band says about 'The Circle': "Dark and mood elec­tron­ic post-punk influ­enced with dynam­ics, a hooky chor­us and spa­cious verses.".

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