Magnetband – Durch

Magnetband - DurchThe gloomy elec­tron­ic dark wave beat 'Durch' by the German band 'Magnetband' hits the dance floor hard. Full of the kind of soar­ing mel­an­choly that I think can only be expressed in the German lan­guage, the band also man­ages to infuse dance­able EBM and even min­im­al elec­tro ele­ments.

When it comes to com­par­able artists, the duo has already done very well for them­selves, nam­ing names like Boy Harsher, Velvet Condom, She Past Away and Schwefelgelb. I can con­firm this at this point and if these names appeal to you, then def­in­itely give 'Durch' a listen.

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Magnetband about 'Durch'

The track was born from and is address­ing the immense pres­sure to deliv­er some­thing. We were lit­er­ally "durch" (done) when it came to song­writ­ing. Therefore, the song music­ally and lyr­ic­ally switches between laughter and tears, good and evil, red wine and bright light.