Modesty Blue – Sea Of Emotion

Modesty Blue - Sea Of EmotionTravel back in time to the 80s with the fant­ast­ic song 'Sea Of Emotion' per­formed by the British band 'Modesty Blue'. I was kind of 'anti' for the first few seconds, but when the beat kicked in and the full blast of 80s sounds came crash­ing down on me, I was on fire.

'Sea Of Emotion' is a really awe­some elec­tro pop song that could actu­ally be from that era. Yes, it comes across as authen­t­ic, as if it were a for­got­ten jew­el from that time. The vocals remind me of 'Holly Johnson' and the sound is a wild mix of 'Pet Shop Boys', 'Coldcut' to 'Yello'. Only this hor­rible and clichéd sax­o­phone in the bridge I would like to denounce here briefly.

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