Penthouse Plants – I'm Only Human

Penthouse Plants - I'm Only HumanIn the gloomy world of dark wave and synth pop, Penthouse Plants rise from the USA with their latest track "I'm Only Human". The song presents itself as a clas­sic piece of the old guard, with a straight­for­ward struc­ture that pleas­antly man­ages without any big sur­prises. The beauty here lies in the simplicity.

Subtle, inter­est­ing synth sounds and effects per­meate the track, occa­sion­ally remin­is­cent of the space age sci-fi of the 70s. It is this subtle fusion of past and present that gives "I'm Only Human" its unique char­ac­ter. The song skil­fully builds up a dark mood, which is rein­forced by an out­stand­ing chor­us. The dynam­ics with­in the indi­vidu­al song sec­tions are impress­ive, and Penthouse Plants demon­strate a flair for the fine inter­play of melody and atmosphere.

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