Poltergeist – Der Nachtvogel

Poltergeist - Der NachtvogelThe song 'Der Nachtvogel' is an elelctro / dark wave board by the French artist 'Poltergeist' and is taken from the album 'Kämpfer'.

A beau­ti­ful edgy song with a bru­tal and snappy beat. But for all the son­ic harsh­ness, there is much more behind the song 'Der Nachtvogel' intel­lec­tu­ally. The softly spoken vocals almost give the song some­thing of a poetry read­ing. So if you like a bit of weird, elec­tron­ic music, there's no way around 'Poltergeist'.

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Poltergeist about 'Der Nachtvogel'

Der Nachtvogel” launches like a rock­et powered by a brisk elec­tron­ic rhythm. Night bird Poltergeist adds vocals and gui­tar to the loops that rise inex­or­ably towards the dance­floor, until the final explo­sion. It’s a care­fully craf­ted and frankly addict­ive melod­ic con­struc­tion. From Kraftwerk to Kalkbrenner, by way of Eurythmics and Depeche Mode, Der Nachtvogel owns this sound and kick­starts the clubs. Unstoppable.

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