The Endearing – Tied Up (Feat. noyou)

The Endearing - Tied Up (Feat. noyou)The song 'Tied Up (Feat. noy­ou)' by the British band 'The Endearing' rushes in with a very quickly played upbeat syn­thwave banger. The vocals start imme­di­ately and at first you feel a little bit over­run and over­whelmed. But instead of a clas­sic intro, just go full steam ahead, I think that's good. The song is taken from the album 'Internet Friends'

The song is mainly at home in the syn­thwave genre, but has slight hints of com­mer­cial pop/rock from the 80s. However, these are still just in the back­ground enough for us to present the song to you. I think that the song is not for every Electrozombies read­er, but for all those with a tend­ency towards radio-friendly, pop­pi­er music, this song could be inter­est­ing. I would like to see a little more edgi­ness in future songs.

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The Endearing about 'Tied Up (Feat. noyou)'

First single from the upcom­ing LP titled 'Internet Friends'; a 10 track album with mul­tiple fea­tures and col­lab­or­a­tions with a dreamy, nos­tal­gic remin­is­cence on the past with Synthwave & Synthpop Flavours

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