The New Division – Circles

The New Division - CirclesThe song 'Circles' by the US band 'The New Division' deals with the ser­i­ous top­ics of life, death, isol­a­tion and the hope for a bet­ter life. Definitely mel­an­chol­ic themes, but packed into a super catchy synth pop song with a clas­sic 80s vibe.

Comparisons to 'New Order', 'Depeche Mode' or even 'Tears For Fears' are abso­lutely jus­ti­fied here. 'The New Division' man­age to trans­port the atmo­sphere of an 80s hit into the mod­ern age in a unique way. Nice and crisp and to the point. That's how I love it!

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All these things I draw into my circle
Drain me, pain me, feed my isolation

All these things I lock into my circle
Strain me, stain me, ask for deprivation

All things must die
You got two lives to go
Come down, to my way
Feel my isolation

Waiting all night for some kinda hope
Waiting all night

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