Ultraflex – Relax

Ultraflex - RelaxThe song 'Relax' by the Icelandic band 'Ultraflex' is indeed a very relaxed and shal­low syn­thwave / synth pop song. The song is taken from the debut album 'Visions of Ultraflex'.

However, the offi­cial music video for 'Relax' is a little dis­turb­ing to the music. I'm not sure if the imagery shown is a foot fet­ish, 70s erot­ica or a homage to the pop­u­lar 'sat­is­fy­ing videos' on YouTube. You know, where soap is cut into lots of little cubes and stuff! If you can handle all of those things, then go ahead and check out the visu­al work. Maybe not at work, your col­leagues may think you're strange.

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Rub this lotion
Smear this oil
Soothe your body
Head to toe

Seamless motion
Nice and slow
Absorb the moisture
Until you glow

// Relax //

Massage your skin
With silky cream
Let it fuse into
Misty steam

// Relax //

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