Wrené – Hideous

Wrené - HideousEnjoy the grime, told me the Canadian artist 'Wrené' for her dark wave tune 'Hideous'. The song is taken from the EP 'Dark Matter'. The announce­ment of machinery samples and mod­u­lar syn­thes­izer sur­faces already soun­ded prom­ising. Similar artists were big names like Björk, Tori Amos and Nine Inch Nails. How does that fit togeth­er, please? It does indeed, although I would rather com­pare the sound with one of my favour­ites 'Black Nail Cabaret'.

Don't expect a dance­able synth pop song here. The song is more like a black room with a vel­vet sofa, red wine and flick­er­ing candles.

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I’m afraid that you’re gonna break me
Forcing me to show you
The flesh encase­ment where I always hide
Becoming so transparent-

Organs and skin, organs and skin
I reveal myself as weakened
Through your gaze- I liquify
I just couldn’t help it.

There's nowhere to run
Nowhere to run
I fear my true form.
As I deli­quesce at your feet
An incred­ible high

I ima­gine myself floating-
And I’m so excited
I’ve slipped past my barricades
Flowing out in open space
My soul is the ocean

I wander in con­stant long­ing for you
New cur­rents through my body-
The puddle I am pulsates
Coming alive.

No longer feel myself sinking
And I’m so excited
I’m over the moon
No way I’m turn­ing back

I don’t wanna come down
I don’t wanna come down
I don’t wanna come down
I don’t wanna come down

I long to feel you,
I don’t wanna come down,
I want to breathe in you,
Fuck I don’t wanna come down
I long to be with you
I don’t wanna come down
Spiral amongst the stars

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