Alfa Matrix Downloaded 006


With the 6th edi­tion of the now clas­sic FREE "Matrix Downloaded" label digit­al com­pil­a­tion, Belgium's ALFA MATRIX label pre­pared the per­fect eclect­ic altern­at­ive music soundtrack for your end of year Season Holiday.

Again a pre­fect pre-X-Mas present for all of us with a selec­tion of 45 songs nicely rep­res­ent­ing the label’s most recent singles and albums while giv­ing a pre­view of some prom­ising forth­com­ing 2017 pro­duc­tions includ­ing new releases by ALIEN VAMPIRES, POUPPEE FABRIKK, METROLAND, THE PSYCHIC FORCE, KANT KINO, MONDTRÄUME, NEIKKA RPM, AIBOFORCEN, SIN.SIN, ELEKTROKLÄNGE, LLUMEN, DIFFUZION, COSMIC ARMCHAIR, etc. as well as from the label’s recent recruits the unique German EBM duo AD:KEY and IMJUDAS (the new syn­thwave pop-rock pro­ject of HELALYN FLOWERS’ Maxx).

A 200 minute-plus com­pil­a­tion that reflects the label’s music rep­er­toire and impress­ive artist roster in the full-force of its diversity also remind­ing us that ALFA MATRIX is one of the very few indie elec­tro labels who still dare to scout new tal­ents and to inject new blood into the scene while oth­ers would def­in­itely choose to sleep on their laurels while focus­ing on their sure val­ues of estab­lished bands.

Absolutely the per­fect way for ALFA MATRIX to close their 15th year of exist­ence – some 15 years of non-stop heavy son­ic pro­pa­ganda on the under­ground elec­tron­ic music front with their impress­ive army of artists! The ulti­mate col­lec­tion of scene fam­ous and estab­lished artists fea­tured next to rising new tal­ents and stun­ning new dis­cov­er­ies… Since 2001, ALFA MATRIX has been offer­ing to you elec­tron­ic music with atti­tude… EBM, synth pop, indus­tri­al, elec­tron­ic, indie rock, nu elec­tro, dark elektro, avant-garde, goth met­al, wave, techno house: you get it all!

Download on here: Bandcamp

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