Electrozombies TV 08/2018

This is a selec­tion of our favour­ite music videos of August 2018. Enjoy this YouTube playl­ist as one of your favour­ite shows on music tele­vi­sion. Please sub­scribe to our YouTube chan­nel to enjoy your monthly 'Electrozombies TV' show.

The playl­ist 'Electrozombies TV 08/2018' con­tains offi­cial music videos from:

  • Marina Massanova – Wild Crowd
  • She Pleasures HerSelf – Darkroom
  • Sextile – Paradox
  • Nina – Sleepwalking
  • Decadent Fun Club – Dead Things Never Smell Good
  • Le Butcherettes – struggle/STRUGGLE
  • Solar Fake – Sick Of You
  • SKYND – Richard Ramirez
  • Broken Ego – Get Away
  • Syd.31 – Bulldoze Everything
  • Northern Lite – Here You Go
  • Bronski Beat – Why?

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