Electrozombies TV 08/2022 – Best music videos of August 2022

It's like music television in the digital age

This is a selec­tion of our favour­ite music videos of August 2022. We recom­mend enjoy­ing the playl­ist on a large Smart TV. Please sub­scribe to our YouTube chan­nel now and nev­er miss your monthly 'Electrozombies TV' show again. Watch the Electrozombies TV playl­ist now.

The playl­ist 'Electrozombies TV 08/2022' con­tains the fol­low­ing offi­cial music videos:

  • Hammershøi – Sacerdoce
  • Danny Blu – Give Me Your Love
  • Ashley Bad – Erotica (Madonna Cover)
  • Wingtips – Cross The Line
  • Cold Showers – Sliver
  • Sexy Suicide – Klatka
  • Glüme – Dangerous Blue
  • Echoberyl – Silent Monster (The Other Side Of The Mirror)
  • Strange Futures – Closing Days
  • Vandal Moon – Young. Deadly. Beautiful.
  • The Buggles – Living In The Plastic Age

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