Electrozombies TV 11/2019

Electrozombies TV 11/2019

It’s like music television in the digital age

This is a selection of our favourite music videos of November 2019. We recommend enjoying the playlist on a large Smart TV. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel now and never miss your monthly ‘Electrozombies TV’ show again. Watch the Electrozombies TV playlist now.

The playlist ‘Electrozombies TV 11/2019’ contains official music videos from:

  • CATTAC – How It Ends
  • Neon Lines – Obedience
  • Daybehavior – Tears That Dry
  • Spark! – Cause And Effect
  • //Blackbook – Love Is A Crime
  • Ashbury Heights – People Are Strange (The Doors Cover)
  • Velvet Code – Mary Offered Ladybugs And Love Yous
  • Rein – Off The Grid
  • Eisfabrik – And Nothing Turns
  • Blutengel – Disobedience
  • Nina – Automatic Call
  • Sine City – Scared Of Living
  • Third Realm Feat. Chiasm – Tides Of The Sea
  • Boy George – Funtime

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