Electrozombies TV 11/2022 – Best music videos of November 2022

It's like music television in the digital age

This is a selec­tion of our favour­ite music videos of November 2022. We recom­mend enjoy­ing the playl­ist on a large Smart TV. Please sub­scribe to our YouTube chan­nel now and nev­er miss your monthly 'Electrozombies TV' show again. Watch the Electrozombies TV playl­ist now.

The playl­ist 'Electrozombies TV 11/2022' con­tains the fol­low­ing offi­cial music videos:

  • Echoberyl – Rising From The Dead
  • Freezepop – Step Into The Sunshine!
  • Psycholies – Never Alone
  • Je T'aime – Out Of Sight
  • Wolf Fang Midi – She's Gone
  • Sexual Purity – Wake Up
  • Ultra Sunn – Can You Believe It
  • Chaos All Stars – First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen Cover)
  • Iżol – Lifeless Realities
  • Corvyx – Nightmare (Feat. King Vagabond)
  • Glass Spells – No One To Trust
  • The Brides Of The Black Room – Watch Me Burn
  • Zero A.D. – Your War
  • Maneuver Maneuver – Hold On
  • Carrellee – Heaven Or
  • Saint Mars – A Love Impossible (Feat. Tryzdin)
  • Corlyx – The Taste
  • Diorama – Iisland (Faderhead Remix)
  • Psycholies – Lie N°5
  • Queen – Radio Ga Ga

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