Like Tears In Rain

My entire life music was an import­ant way to express feel­ings. This mix is for ervery­one who had a pain­ful loss in the past. I ded­ic­ate this music mix to my lov­ing moth­er that I lost due can­cer on November 22nd, 2015. Even when I will nev­er for­get you, I know: "All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.".


  1. Thomas D – An Alle Hinterbliebenen
  2. Korn – Alone I Break
  3. Age Zero – Morning-Street
  4. Absurd Minds – Hurt
  5. Pet Shop Boys – Numb
  6. Depeche Mode – Home
  7. Camouflage – Winter
  8. De/Vision – Dress Me When I Bleed
  9. Apoptygma Berzerk – Fade To Black
  10. And One – Unter Meiner Uniform
  11. IAMX – The Background Noise
  12. Covenant – Like Tears In Rain
  13. The Cure – Pictures Of You
  14. Depeche Mode – Insight

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