Aeronaut V – Discovery

Official music video 'Discovery' per­formed by 'Aeronaut V'. Directed, writ­ten, shot and edited by Miika Hakala.


So dark is the night
And deep are the shadows
In the gaze of your eyes
As the candle dies

So short is the road
From morn­ing ‘til mourning
One final sigh
Dies dream­ing, without sound

The words that froze my smile
Decorations and denial
So little seems worthwhile

Why can’t this fate allow…
Undraw the blinds somehow…
What is now and what was then
Just let me close my eyes again

So long it will burn
So long are the shadows
A pray­er for time
Desires reviled

So harsh is the light
The pages aren’t turning
A past that was pure
Lies fad­ing in the sun

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