Aesthetic Perfection – Love Like Lies

Awesome music video by 'Aesthetic Perfection' entitled 'Love Like Lies'. Direction: Clint Carney, Director of Photography: Michael R. Garcia, Executive Producers: Clint Carney and Daniel Graves, Producer: Kelton Jones, Special FX and Makeup: Sioux Sinclair, Art Department: Joe Magna, Audio Playback: Kelton Jones, Concept / Editing / Visual FX: Clint Carney.


I don't dream much anymore,
'cos sleep don't come easy for,
A fool who's failed at everything,
There's no way that I'm mak­ing it through,
I don't feel myself at all,
As you rise I slowly fall,
So I choke and I ache,
On my own jealously,
No I'll nev­er be happy for you.

(Oh no)
You can't rely on me,
(I don't know)
If I can rely on you,
(I'm no good)
Don't ever rely on me,
Just let me rely on you.

Well I know it's self absorbed,
But I'd like to be adored,
I know it's fake but I can't relate,
To the world in the way that you do,
I don't see the point at all,
As my skin begins to crawl,
So I laugh and I drink so that nobody sees,
It's a lie that I'm selling to you.

No love.
Just lies

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